South Hills Karate Academy

South Hills Karate Academy

Providing Pittsburgh The Best In Traditional Karate And Martial Art Instruction!

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Awarded Trib Total Media’s Gold Award for Best Karate School, South Hills Karate Academy has been providing the "absolute best" in traditional karate and martial arts instruction. Our instruction is for all ages and is a complete martial arts system that encompasses all facets of traditional karate instruction including, self-defense, striking, grappling and realistic application of martial arts technique. We also offer a unique opportunity to help you lose weight, build your body and get into the best shape of your life with our MartialFit Training center!

705 Clairton Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15236


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Karate For Children

At South Hills Karate Academy your child will develop essential growth skills including, Discipline, Confidence, Focus, Respect and Listening Skills. Your child can learn how to be a winner!

Adults & Teen Karate

Our exciting program is a complete martial arts system that provides all the tools you need to be able to defend yourself and get into great shape. It is based on ancient teaching for modern times!


Our MartialFit program provides you with a top of the line fitness training center complete with StarTrac strength and cardio equipment.

Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu

Learn the world's best grappling and self-defense system Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu as taught by one of the Pittsburgh area's top Jiu-Jutsu instructors Master Patricio Saavedra!

Welcome To Pittsburgh's South Hills Karate Academy

At South Hills Karate Academy we teach all of our members how to increase their quality of life by improving the mind, body and spirit. Our curriculum is based on ancient teachings for modern times! It is a complete martial arts system designed to help you get into the best shape of your life!

Learn traditional karate techniques and traditions, realistic self-defense training and take advantage of our 1,800 square foot Martial Fit Training Center.

We can help you and your entire family develop maximum potential both physically and mentally. Call us now to get started!

Our facility is unlike any other in the Pittsburgh area!

Take advantage of:
  • 2000 square feet of traditional karate and martial arts training space
  • The MartialFit Training Center, an 1,800 square foot fitness training center complete with StarTrac Fitness and Cardio equipment which is open to everyone
  • Personalized Karate and Fitness Training Opportunities
  • Student and parent lounge with refreshments, free wi-fi and entertainment

Realistic Self Defense Training From Traditional Karate!

Karate In Pittsburgh
Don't be fooled by the latest martial arts fad! There is a reason why traditional karate practice has been around for centuries. It works!

Traditional karate or Tang Soo Do when taught properly contains a complete system of civilian self-defense. Traditional karate contains all of the techniques needed to defend yourself in any situation. At South Hills Karate you will learn how to strike with the hands and feet, effective take downs and joint locks and grappling techniques.

Everything is learned in a safe and controlled class environment that is exciting, invigorating and refreshing to help you be safe and get into great shape!

Member Of The Independent Tang Soo Do Association

Independent Tang Soo Do
South Hills Karate Academy is proud to be a member of the Independent Tang Soo Do. The ITA is a member driven Association dedicated to promoting and preserving Tang Soo Do as an authentic and traditional martial art.

Locally in the Pittsburgh area, the Independent Tang Soo Do Association includes South Hills Karate Academy on RT 51 near Pleasant Hills, South Hills Karate Academy in Elizabeth, PA, Riverview Martial Arts in Rocky River, OH as well as Pine Bush Tang Soo Do in New York and Fitzgerald Martial Arts located in Chicago, Illinois.

Visit the Independent Tang Soo Do Association webpage for more information!
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